Massage paradise of the Dnepr

29 January, 2018 - 14:25 -- egoist

Paradise is a concept that has always been associated with something pure, light, light. The massage elephant The egoist in the Dnepr offers you an incarnate version of paradise for men!

Advantages of a massage paradise the egoist in the Dnepr

  1. All masseuses are girls who have been specially trained and trained in all the subtleties of erotic massage.
  2. The interior of the massage rooms was created by a professional designer (made in the VIP format). This guarantees a complete retirement from the outside world, albeit for a time ...
  3. Prices, photos of interior and girls, a description of massages and salon - all this information is available for you online (on the site of the salon).

To reserve services or agree on the details of visiting the massage paradise Egoist in the Dnepr, call: (097) 2157-417, (099) 4581-440.