Paradise massage Dnepr

29 January, 2018 - 14:21 -- egoist

Have previously resorted to massage techniques only as a prelude? The massage salon Egoist opens for you a paradise in the Dnieper, which is designed to make the erotic massage a separate kind of rest for the strong half!

Egoist - massage paradise for men! Why?

  1. There is a choice of massage techniques and a master girl. In addition, you can compile several massage programs (posted on the site), and invite to the session up to 3x masseuses!
  2. At us you can receive the round-the-clock content, thus having kept the uttermost confidentiality (shooting and any record in our walls is forbidden)!
  3. Safe rest. You will not only experience the utmost acuity of sensations with us, but also be able to guarantee yourself safety for health (due to lack of intimacy)!

More details about the proposed techniques associated with paradise, you can read on the site or type: (097) 2157-417, (099) 4581-440.