Our benefits

Privacy guarantee
You will not meet face to face with another guest. Full confidentiality
Shower in each room
You do not need strolling in a towel along the common corridor
Disposable underwear sets (sheets, slippers)
We work around the clock and seven days a week.
30+ erotic programs
There are plenty to choose from
5 massage rooms
Modern renovation and different styles
Great selection of masseuses
All our girls have good looks
Convenient location
We are located in the city center with parking places
A wide range of alcoholic beverages


VIP Persona Эротический массаж Днепр
1700 UAH - 1 hour 30 minutes
VIP Persona - an exclusive program of erotic massage, which accommodates all the best that can give a session of the most frank erotic massage! Here...
Массаж апельсинами
1200 UAH - 1 hour 15 minutes
"Massage with oranges" - an exclusive program from the Egoist massage salon, which is accompanied not only by classic touch erotic...
6000 UAH - 4 hours
Egoist offers an exclusive four-hour program in Dnepropetrovsk, which is selected individually, taking into account the wishes of the emperor, and...
1000 UAH - 1 hour 15 minutes
The erotic massage program 50 to 50, offered by the Egoist salon in Dnepropetrovsk, is designed for that strong half that not only likes to have fun...
1500 UAH - 1 hour 30 minutes
The program of erotic massage "Gold fish" in the salon Egoist in Dnepropetrovsk allows you to experience all the emotions that a full lucky...
1200 UAH - 1 hour 15 minutes
The program "Intrigant" was compiled and added to the assortment for those of our guests who want to feel the fullness of the sensations...
эротический массаж Госпожа в Днепропетровске
1000 UAH - 1 hour 15 minutes
Do you try to find feeling of excitement? Palled all traditions and drab existence? Massage «Mistress» is a rampant breath of freshness...
Массаж Афродита в Днепропетровске
1000 UAH - 1 hour 15 minutes
Afrodite massage is combination of physical and aesthetic pleasure. You can simultaneously enjoy the complete beauty of the female body – all...
Массаж Магия Днепропетросвк
1600 UAH - 1 hour 30 minutes
Massage “Magic” it is truly magical and amazing action. Magic of the massage consists in the richness of relaxation program. Two...
Эротический массаж Эйфория
1600 UAH - 1 hour 30 minutes
Erotic massage “Euforia” will make you feel the sultan in his harem, surrounded by two girls of indescribable beauty with soft lips,...
эротик массаж «Нежность» в Днепропетровске
900 UAH - 1 hour 15 minutes
Two girls of admirable beauty will perform the massage Tenderness. During massage Tenderness, the masseuses will cover your body with kisses,...
1000 UAH - 1 hour 15 minutes
Dreams of youth…It is nice when they come true! Afford to experience particular feelings of the erotic massage, performed by a strict,...
1000 UAH - 1 hour 15 minutes
We all love to dream and even more to fantasize. So be the elite, whose dreams and fantasies come true! If in your dreams and fantasies you wanted to...
1400 UAH - 1 hour 30 minutes
What is the ultimate pleasure for you? At the session of the branded erotic massage "VIP Egoist" you can experience something new ......
1000 UAH - 1 hour 15 minutes
Only in this program, you will be able to contemplate a real erotic show, amazing beauty caresses her body, giving herself pleasure, and after that,...
1100 UAH - 1 hour 15 minutes
Two gorgeous masseuses from the salon “Egoist” in Dnepropetrovsk perform erotic massage Temptation simultaneously. You will get twice...
3000 UAH - 1 hour
Three girls perform erotic massage “Harem” in our salon of erotic dreams “Egoist” in Dnepropetrovsk. The massage includes...
1300 UAH - 1 hour 30 minutes
Royal erotic massage – is an art that will make you feel a king. The action begins with a private dance, smoothly moving to erotic massage. The...
1000 UAH - 1 hour 15 minutes
French massage in our salon of erotic dreams “Egoist” in Dnepropetrovsk is the most sensual massage for men. French massage is performed...
1000 UAH - 1 hour 15 minutes
In our Egoist Salon in Dnep, you can experience the enjoyment from Coquette Massage in which there are no restrictions on the number of relaxations....
750 UAH - 1 hour
During imperial massage attentive and well-mannered beautiful girl will help you to relax and forget about everyday problems of life. Feel gentle and...
550 UAH - 1 hour
Thailand is historical homeland of the special form of the massage – Thai massage. Thai massage is unique in its nature, which is based on the...
Классический массаж
450 UAH - 40 minutes
Classical massage in our salon of erotic massage in Dnepropetrovsk will make it possible to improve athletic shapes of your body, relieve fatigue,...
300 UAH - 1 hour
Aroma-massage – is an erotic aroma-massage with the use of essential oils, smell of which improves your mood and encourages efficiency, reduces...
Массаж для супружеских пар
1000 UAH - 1 hour 15 minutes
Passion is always considered the most striking characteristic of any relationship. With the lapse of time, the relationship becomes deeper, and the...
1400 UAH - 1 hour 15 minutes
The “Lesbian show” in our salon of erotic fantasies in Dnepropetrovsk “Egoist” can satisfy requirements of even the most...
750 UAH - 1 hour
Beautiful dancer, twilight, candlelight and exciting music… Passionate and fiery, inexpressibly sexy dance. The girl’s light touching to...
750 UAH - 1 hour
If you are a passionate fan of woman charm and excited of the natural instincts dances, then we know how to satisfy your appetite. In our salon of...
Релакс массаж в Днепропетровске
800 UAH - 1 hour
Massage “Double relax” is Thai erotic massage, which has twice more eroticism, twice more caresses, tender and passionate touch. Maximum...
370 UAH - 1 hour 15 minutes
Modern life of megalopolises such as Dnepropetrovsk demands from a person great physical and energy efficiency. Daily whirl of events compels us to...
400 UAH - 30 minutes
Erotic massage “Moment of bliss” is extremely important at regular mental and physical loads, stresses. Moment of bliss will make you...
700 UAH - 1 hour
Angelic massage conceals the art of Thai massage. Pleasure for the elite – angelic erotic massage. This type of massage is particularly...
1000 UAH - 1 hour
Double massage is an erotic massage in Dnepropetrovsk, which two girls perform for you. Double massage is a sea of tenderness and care, total...
400 UAH - 1 hour
Swedish massage is the perfect way to relieve psychical and emotional stress, physical and mental disorder. Unfortunately, we are susceptible to it...
Боди массаж в Днепропетровске
500 UAH - 1 hour
Body massage program is a technique that includes classical massage techniques, as well as relaxation procedures with erotic elements (nude body...


Дмитрий 21 February 2020
Спасибо Вам за прекрасных девушек!! Вчера был на массаже, девушка Евгения действительно удивила,отличное шоу,сильные руки, хороший массаж!!!
kenan koc 18 February 2020
gezmek için geldim... herşey çok güzeldi.. tavsiye ederim..
Людмила 03 December 2019
Часто с мужем приходим к вам на массаж , начали посещать когда вы были на Пушкина . Новый салон приятно удивил . Все осень чистенько и уютно, по домашнему. Понравилось что...
Murat 03 December 2019
Hello, I’ve been with a friend on your massage all fall liked it. Especially Girl Lisa is just the upper class.
Вадим 03 December 2019
Побывал у вас впервые и был приятно удивлён! Отличный сервис, приятный администратор , все одноразовое ( даже предлагают на выбор простыни) я такого ещё не видел . Выбор девушек...
Сергей 03 December 2019
Был на массаже у новенькой Жени, Девушка не обычная но очень понравилась ! Приятная в общении и отлично делает массаж, даже продлял несколько раз. Передавайте ей привет прийду ещё...
Алексей 15 October 2019
Все красиво, чисто и уютно. Прийду к вам еще )
Славик 02 October 2019
Был у Вики на массажа очень красивая девушка, профессионально делает массаж , есть о чем поговорить . Салон действительно VIP уровня как заявлено на сайте . Приятно порадовал...
Георг 02 October 2019
Салон класса Элит!!! Высокий уровень сервиса. Профессиональный подход во всем от звонка до массажа. Новые программы на несколько часов самое лучшее, что бывает в таких местах)...
Ярик 02 October 2019
Постоянно хожу к вам на массаж все очень нравится ! Новый салон это нечто ! Выбор девушек приятно удивил 6 или 7 точно не помню . Выбрал девушку Катю с грудью большой это просто...

Erotic massage in Dnepropetrovsk

Salon of erotic massage “Egoist” is glad to present its permanent clients new types of massage and reminds about DISCONTS  – become our VIP-client.

A person in the modern world, in huge cities, such as Dnepropetrovsk, forced to live in the bustling pace. However, everyone from time to time needs relaxation. With the lapse of time appears an urge to set out to a cozy haven for putting in order one’s thoughts and body. Erotic massage created for this purposes, it leaves no one indifferent. Massage in our salon “Egoist” will suit everybody’s taste. Erotic massage in Dnepropetrovsk – it’s not just a body massage, in the first place it is an opportunity to relax, that will make possible to forget about everyday routine, the rhythm of the city, and dissolve in a cozy atmosphere.

Erotic massage is the most pleasant of all presently known health-improving procedures. It has such a strong therapeutic effect that it’s not a secret to anyone – erotic massage affects not only the skin and muscles tone, but also all the internals, and most importantly, the flow of vital energy, which is so easily dissipated in the routine.

It has not only tremendous physical impact, but also improves mental state health of a person. Massage is designed to unleash your sexual energy and direct it in the right direction for benefit of your health.

Erotic massage “Egoist” in Dnepropetrovsk is a complex pleasure science. In our salon in Dnepropetrovsk professionals know how to combine harmoniously aromatic essential oils, light pleasant music, kissing and touching in the composition of a particular type of erotic massage.

Erotic massage salon “Egoist” for men in Dnepropetrovsk is the territory free of problems, where we will help you to forget about the world for a short while. Our skilled masseuses are here to help you to release your sexual energy, so that it becomes the source of your pleasure. In the process of the erotic massage your body, activated by skillful and confident hands of our masseuses will reveal you its secrets, pouring like a real volcano of impetuous sensuality.

The key moment of erotic massage is directly the method of its approaching. Lack of professionalism or indifference of masseurs can bring benefit to zero. In our salon “Egoist” highly qualified masseuses will do everything the way you wish, they are able to guess your deepest desires. We will help you to realize the most remote depths of your being and we will realize your innermost desires.
There are many performance techniques of erotic massage, this is therapeutic pressing on massage lines and points of the body as well as light arousing touches, able to inflame the fire of passion. Erotic massage is performed using both hands, as well as the whole body of the masseuse. Unusually sensual feelings of elastic female body combine both therapeutic effect and the highest level of enjoyment. Warm aromatic oil in the skilled hands of the masseuse, tender naked body, relaxing and toning moments and caresses at the same time, erotic dance make erotic massage truly unforgettable.

Erotic massage salon “Egoist” in Dnepropetrovsk includes massage of head, neck, shoulders, back, buttocks, legs, inner thighs, during which our skilled professional masseuses playfully, alternating with light blows and strokes bring you to the highest pleasure and relaxation – high boiling point. The most important thing is to relax and allow the girl to take care of you and your feelings. The warmth of her hands and body, your and her passionate breath will turn you into an instrument of the symphony of pleasure.

Your erotic energy will awaken like a volcano, do not hold it and do not block its aspiration! Feel more at ease and distribute your energy! The world of beautiful Thai art of erotic massage will engulf you entirely, leaving fussy thoughts of everyday life far beyond the reality. Erotic massage will reveal you the secrets of the world of health and paradise pleasure. Your body will strengthen its health and sexual potential. Let erotic fantasies allure you in the world of erotic massage, superpower erotic potential accumulates in your body, and the longer it lasts, the more explosive onset of the climax will be.
Erotic massage can restore your power quickly will tonicize your body, giving it some vivacity.

To succeed a person puts a lot of effort. Massage is designed to compensate this loss. It gives strength and, literally, rejuvenates the body and gives you the opportunity to experience ease and light-heartedness.

Erotic massage relieves muscle and thoughts” tension, making the muscles more elastic and thoughts more ordered. Our massage salon Egoist in Dnepropetrovsk ensures you cheerfulness and energy! For this, you only need a little while to trust a beautiful girl. Do not save on yourself and your health!

We offer a variety of massages. In our salon in Dnepropetrovsk you will find a constantly updated selection of massage types, cheap prices, the possibility of good discounts and promotional offers, and of course, an excellent quality of performance of erotic massage! You can also buy a gift certificate for an erotic massage for your friend in our salon, relative or even boss.

Erotic massage salon “Egoist” in Dnepropetrovsk is situated in the central area of Dnepropetrovsk city, Pushkin Street 47.

Skilled girls-masseuses will perform for you Thai massage, body massage, double massage, angelic massage, double relaxation massage, strip-show, imperial massage, hookah massage, peep-show, massage for couples, lesbian show, aroma-massage, classical massage and other techniques and types of massages. Novelty of our salon of erotic massage in Dnepropetrovsk to be particularly highlighted are French, royal, VIP massage, anti-stress and Swedish massages, as well as strawberry, game of a nurse, a strict teacher, harem and temptation.

Choice of technique performance of erotic massage depends only on your wishes. It is for you to decide what degree of enjoyment to order!

We suggest you to try a variety of massages – from classical relaxing to a very relaxing one. At our website of erotic massage “Egoist”in Dnepropetrovsk you can see the photos of the girls-masseuses and make your choice. Today the range of erotic massage is very big and everyone will be able to find appropriate type of massage for himself according to the taste and mood.

Erotic massage in Dnepropetrovsk is held in a comfortable room with a light relaxing music using aromas, the aim of all this is for the client to stay satisfied with our services of erotic massage performance

Either it will be classical massage of a gentle nurse, or the massage of a strict teacher – it all depends on your preferences. We work and you are relaxing!

Make it a rule – guarantee of health is regular recreation in the erotic massage salon “Egoist” in Dnepropetrovsk!