Massage salon “Egoist” for men

Rules of visiting the erotic massage salon “Egoist” in Dnepropetrovsk:

  1. Entrance is strictly prohibited for persons under 18 years
  2. Persons in a state of severe alcoholic or drunk intoxication can be refused to facilitate, as you will not be able to reach in such a state proper sensation and we, in this case, cannot guarantee you maximum relaxation.
  3. Employers and masseuses for men in Dnepropetrovsk in our erotic salon “Egoist” do not render intimate services. It is kindly asked not to destroy culture of our programs.
  4. Master has the right to stop the procedure of relaxation due to:
  • proposal of the client to render intimate services to employer of the erotic salon “Egoist”
  • penetrating caresses of the client to the “bikini” zone of the masseuses.
  • physical inducement to sex, rude and brash attitude toward the masters of the massage salon “Egoist”.
  • if the client has obvious signs of skin diseases and other diseases with contraindications for relaxation: fever, acute form of the disease.
  • ethics of our massage salon “Egoist” in Dnepropetrovsk assumes full confidentiality. We guarantee full absence of audio and video recordings.Visitors of our massage salon “Egoist” in Dnepropetrovsk are also prohibited to bring to the massage procedure any audio or video recording equipment as well as condoms, sex accessories (including vibrators) and drugs.

In this case, money will not be returned for the services. We appreciate you and hope for understanding!

About massage salon “Egoist” in Dnepropetrovsk.

Salon of erotic massage “Egoist” in Dnepropetrovsk is open twenty-four-hour and without weekends. We are open and work for you at any time!

Salon of erotic massage “Egoist” in Dnepropetrovsk is an unusual, surprising male salon in the heart of Dnepropetrovsk, in which we created unforgettable, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, where our girls-masseuses are miraculous; they will help you to touch the world of sensual eroticism, pleasure, harmony and relaxation.

We use a unique technique of sexual arousal in our salon of erotic massage in Dnepropetrovsk. Erotic massage it is a bright, colorful experience and unusually strong degree of orgasm, which is unattainable during normal sex.

Most of our new visitors become not only our permanent clients of erotic salon “Egoist” in Dnepropetrovsk, but also our best friends.

Guestbook of our massage salon contains grateful feedbacks, confessions and the best wishes from the guests from different cities of our country. Foreign guests, coming to visit our city once, dream of coming back to Dnepropetrovsk, enter our cozy and extremely comfortable salon, and plunge again into the dreamland and pleasure at least for an hour.

Enchantingly beautiful girls of our massage salon “Egoist” in Dnepropetrovsk invite you to experience striking moments of incredible joy and delight.

We also advise you to pay attention to body massage and relaxation massage. Tender hands of skilled masseuses relieve you from daily routine and concerns, relieve tension in your body and sole, restore strengths, and give a feeling of happiness and fullness of life.

We appreciate and respect our clients and look forward to a mutual respect for the masseuses of our salon “Egoist”.