1600 UAH
1 hour 30 minutes
Эротический массаж Эйфория

Erotic massage “Euforia” will make you feel the sultan in his harem, surrounded by two girls of indescribable beauty with soft lips, velvety skin, elastic body, gorgeous forms, and the most important thing – knowing how to bring you maximum pleasure! Gediklis, i,e, the masseuses chosen by you will bring you to the relaxation with their passionately burning kisses. Then they will relax you with classical part of the massage that will allow you to gain strength before the new orgy of sensations. That is an unforgettable massage according to sensations and enjoyment. Having enjoyed the massage “Euforia” we strongly recommend to try erotic massage “Harem” from our massage salon “Egoist” in Dnepropetrovsk.