Massage with oranges

1200 UAH
1 hour 15 minutes
Массаж апельсинами

"Massage with oranges" - an exclusive program from the Egoist massage salon, which is accompanied not only by classic touch erotic relaxation, but also finds your source of joy for exotic lovers!

Functions of the erotic program "Massage with oranges" by Egoist masters It consists of several parts:

  1. healing / emotional pleasure and erotic relaxation by manipulating the girl's massage.
  2. The program can be performed in both 2 and 4 hands (at your request).
  3. Technology is available to you around the clock.

Massage hotyas oranges - surprise your mind and feel the complex effect of what is happening in our erotic massage studio:

  • Skin nutrition and saturation of its vitamins!
  • It makes the veil velvet and smooth! Rendering aromatic effect!
  • Increase your body tone! When it comes to the erotic part, the most unusual emotions awaiting you have never been experienced before!

Enjoy the ocean of passion and juicy relaxation during an erotic massage session with oranges made by Egoist girls.