VIP Egoist

1400 UAH
1 hour 30 minutes

What is the ultimate pleasure for you? At the session of the branded erotic massage "VIP Egoist" you can experience something new ... emotions and feelings that captivate, relax, bring every muscle of your body into a state of ecstasy!

The main feature of the VIP Egoist brand massage lies in the complexity of your holiday! This program presents all the best for our guests:

  • Drinking a bottle of expensive champagne at the stage of meeting with a girl-masseuse;
  • You can experience all the sensuality and tenderness of the French massage on yourself (sweet kisses, covering your whole body, except for intimate zones).
  • Emotional and physical relaxation? At the session of the erotic massage "VIP Egoist" you can feel the peak point of pleasure and relaxation 2 times!

Relax in the company of the charming girl (invite one or several people!), Enjoy a professional massage of the head and face. In the next stage you can contemplate the fascinating dance of a slowly undressing masseuse (all the best from the strip-schow program)! Dale, she will continue to caress her naked body using tricks from the program of the peep show, exciting and glowing your imagination. Erotic massage is the final part of the VIP program, which will present such a long-awaited emotional surge.